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Delivered on March 22, 2011 in the plenary of the House of Representatives

Bakit po pabor ang Kabataan Partylist sa impeachment?

– Ito po ay para sa mga magsasakang ginamit ang kanilang pangalan para sa malawakang pagnanakaw ng pera noong 2004 elections;

– Ito po ay para sa mga kababayan nating araw-araw pinoproblema ang panggastos para sa pagkain at iba pang bilihin samantalang ang mga opisyal na nagnakaw ng pera ng bayan tulad ng mga Euro Generals at mga nasa likod ng NBN-ZTE ay hindi sinampahan ng kaso ng Ombudsman;

– Ito po ay para sa lahat ng nagtatanong kung bakit wala pa ring nananagot, at wala pa ring kinukulong sa mga opisyal ng Comelec na nasa likod ng ma-anomalyang Mega Pacific deal.

Ang sabi ng iba, dapat igalang ang karapatan ni Ombudsman Guitttierez. Gagawin po natin yan. Pero paano naman po ang karapatan ng mga kababayan nating nilabag ng
Ombudsman dahil sa kanyang desisyong huwag habulin ang mga taong malalapit sa dating administrasyon

Based on the submitted evidence, I believe that the Ombudsman deserves to be impeached. She is not a good role model for our young people, including the new lawyers of the country, who expect our public officials to be honest, efficient, and just in the performance of their work.

Impeachment is our remedy to remove officials who failed to fulfill their sworn duty to protect the interests of the people. It is our best weapon to promote accountability in government.

Mr. Speaker, I believe that impeaching the Ombudsman would serve as a timely reminder to all of us that the reason why we continue to remain in office is because of the support of the ‘bosses’, our people whom we vowed to serve as public officials.

Kanina po Mr. Speaker, lumindol sa Pilipinas. Sana po walang malaking pinasala. Pero ang naisip ko po kanina mas malakas na yanig ang mararamdaman natin sa ating mga kababayan kung hindi natin gagampanan ang ating tungkuling tanggalin sa puwesto ang
mga kurakot at mga opisyal na nagtatanggol sa mga kurakot.

Tuloy ang laban para sa hustisya at katotohanan.

Why I voted no to HB 4146?

Delivered on March 23, 2011 in the plenary of the House of Representatives

Kabataan Partylist votes no to HB 4146.

President Noy Aquino said in his website that there is ‘distortion of ballot’ in ARMM – does this mean he doubts his own electoral victory in ARMM? I believe that we can reform the ARMM elections without postponing it; in fact the best reform is to hold elections and encourage our people to vote for leaders who can bring change in the region.

To invoke the spectacular failure of the previous ARMM leadership to justify the postponement of the elections is an insult to our people in the ARMM. If we continue to use this argument, we might as well postpone elections in all the poorest regions in the country.

This bill, if passed into law, would bastardize the meaning of autonomy. What’s the use of maintaining an autonomous region if its leaders would only be appointed by Malacanang? We should change the meaning of ARMM from Autonomous Region to Aquino Region in Muslim Mindanao. Aquino who hails from Tarlac in Luzon would be the most powerful warlord in Muslim Mindanao.

I am worried that the president is willing to use undemocratic means to pursue democratic reforms. Why should we in Congress allow the president to exercise dictatorial powers in a region which had already earned its right to be autonomous from the national government?

Let the people of ARMM go to the polls and allow them to choose their new leaders. Yes to reforms, no to dictatorship.

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