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Written for IFEX

Amid the worsening human rights situation in the Philippines, an online news group has been ordered by a government agency to stop operating — a move which many denounce as an attack on press freedom.

Rappler assured its readers that it will not back down in the fight for truth and democracy. 

“We intend to not only contest this through all legal processes available to us, but also to fight for our freedom to do journalism and for your right to be heard through an independent platform like Rappler.” 

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Cartoonist Choi Seong-guk: Expression that breaks down barriers

Written for IFEX

Choi says that prejudice is the biggest concern facing North Korean defectors in the South, and works to challenge this through his popular online cartoon strip, Rodong Shimmun: The Enthusiastic Resettlement Diaries of a Male North Korean Defector.

Choi believes that culture will play a decisive role in the reunification of the two Koreas. 

“Guns and knives are frightening, but culture is more powerful than weaponry. When I consider my experience in the North, selling ‘Korean culture’, I can say that nothing has as big an impact as culture.” 

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