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Archive for August, 2019

The intransigence of Joma Sison

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Published by Bulatlat After his arrest in 1977, Philippine communist leader Joma Sison was presented to the dictator Ferdinand Marcos. He could have negotiated his release with his fellow Ilocano by pledging loyalty to the ‘New Society’. He could have altered the course of history by agreeing to surrender his beliefs and disowning the national […]

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Published by The Diplomat The consequences of Imelda’s conviction continue to spark the realignment of political forces and it could end up in a duel between a Duterte-backed alliance of pro-Marcos groups against an opposition coalition supported by a battle-tested anti-Marcos movement. That is further testament to a broader trend in Philippine politics, where the past […]

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Activism After College

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Published by Squeeze For many student activists, the ‘long march’ encounters a fateful challenge immediately after the graduation march. This is when youthful idealism is tested by mainstream ideologies which many equate with realism. The lifelong commitment to fight for social justice is suddenly put on hold. Will he resume his role in the struggle […]

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