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Archive for October, 2019

Published by Bulatlat When is it acceptable to red tag an activist in the Philippines? Never, unless you are among the rabid state-backed forces advocating the prohibition of communist philosophy and the violent persecution of individuals and groups accused of advancing communist causes. It is politically-incorrect even if the intent is to ridicule the supposedly […]

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Published by Bulatlat It is easy to identify Filipino leftist groups and leaders by reading and watching the news but an ordinary citizen will find it more challenging to recognize rightists. Leftists are outrightly named and oftentimes insulted in news reports and commentaries in mainstream media. They are the ‘usual suspects’ in Philippine politics whose […]

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Asia-Pacific in November: Hong Kong freedom under siege, APEC, Rappler indictment, and same-sex marriage referendum loss in Taiwan. Hong Kong’s free speech is under attack, media restrictions at APEC summit, Rappler indicted, Shahidul Alam is free on bail, Pakistan court overturns blasphemy conviction, and disappointing referendum loss for same-sex marriage advocates in Taiwan. Read more […]

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The War Against the Philippine Press

Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019

If the aim of the media attacks is to distract and mute the opposition, so far it is not succeeding. But it sends a dangerous message about how far this government is capable of doing to stretch the limits of the law to run after its critics. Written for The Diplomat Magazine Why Philippine Politics […]

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