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Archive for April, 2021

Duterte’s Pasaway Gang

Saturday, April 24th, 2021

Published by Bayan Metro Manila Contrary to the self-serving government spin which blames citizens for the continued spread of COVID-19 infections, the notorious cabal of pasaways are to be found in Malacanang Palace. They are responsible for the bungled response to the public health crisis. Rodrigo Duterte Leading the gang is Rodrigo Duterte, the chief […]

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Tokhang approach in handling the pandemic

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Published by Bayan Metro Manila The police which enforced Tokhang and terrorized our communities want us to feel safe and cheer ‘arrests without warning’, intensified troop deployment, and repressive lockdown restrictions.General Archie Gamboa warned the public that police are now ordered to arrest quarantine ‘violators’ without warning as part of the government’s campaign to flatten […]

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Published by Bayan Metro Manila The confirmation by military and police authorities that state forces are preparing for a Martial-Law type of lockdown is proof that President Rodrigo Duterte’s late night speeches pose a great danger not only to public health but also to our democracy. Police and military officials told media that they initiated […]

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Published by Bayan Metro Manila After decades of privatizing health care, millions are left untreated despite the rapid spread of COVID-19. Hospitals and other public health facilities are managed to raise profits which undermined access to health services. Government subsidies to health and education are slashed. Universal health insurance is oriented to serve the interest […]

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LGU response to COVID-19

Thursday, April 8th, 2021

Published by Bayan Metro Manila We support pro-active LGU response to COVID-19 amid the slow roll-out of mass testing and inadequate delivery of aid by the national government We support the initiative of several Local Government Units to proceed with localized mass testing as an emergency but essential measure to contain the community transmission of […]

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Published by The Diplomat More than a month after imposing a lockdown in mainland Luzon, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said the order to stay at home will be extended for another two weeks to contain COVID-19. But as more cases of infection continue to be reported, the authorities have hinted at the possibility of a […]

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