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Archive for October, 2021

November 2020: Media killings, zines promoting women’s empowerment, and the dangers of criticizing monarchies. Six journalists were killed in November across the Asia-Pacific. The past month also saw the further erosion of civic space in Thailand and Malaysia where citizens faced persecution for speaking out about the royal family in their respective countries. Opposition legislators […]

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Published by Manila Today Everybody suffers during an economic downturn. Less profit for the rich, reduced luxuries for the middle class, and precarious living for the poor and minimum wage workers. But when the troubling indicators of the economy are replaced by what is often referred to in mainstream media as ‘strong fundamentals’, the rich […]

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On fake Facebook accounts

Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Published by Bayan Metro Manila The proliferation of fake Facebook accounts is meant to derail the growing public opposition against the draconian Terror Bill. It is a crackdown targeting critics of the bill, activists, and Facebook users who are tagged in the arbitrary cyber dragnet unleashed by state operatives. Those whose accounts were duplicated either […]

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Written for The Diplomat Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has reportedly instructed allies in Congress to begin proceedings aimed at amending the country’s constitution, fueling immediate speculation that he is aiming to extend his term beyond 2022. Unlike in Myanmar and Thailand, where proposals to amend the constitution are often aimed at eroding the power of […]

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