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Archive for December, 2021

The books I read in 2020

Friday, December 31st, 2021

Published by Bulatlat 1. Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers by Kwame Anthony Appiah. Thoughtful exposition on universality, differences, cultural patrimony, saving children, changing of perception through affinity with others. 2. Snows of Yesteryear: A Family in War and a Sentimental Education by Elmer A. Ordóñez. Life of an academic, activist, a scholar recollecting […]

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Published by Bayan Metro Manila A message to Metro Manila LGU leaders: Reject the Terror Bill, stand up for people’s rights We ask our Metro Manila LGU leaders to make a stand on the Anti-Terror Bill legislation amid reports that a list of local officials in favor of the bill has been submitted to President […]

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New year in Asia-Pacific: Crackdown, state of emergency, and harsh prison convictions. Positive developments in the region such as prison releases and the outlawing of the “virginity test” were overshadowed by mass arrests in Hong Kong, an absurdly long prison term handed out to a Thai elderly woman for “insulting” the king, the silencing of […]

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Written for The Diplomat The awarding of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize to journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov highlighted the role of independent media outlets in challenging authoritarian governments around the world. In the case of the Philippines, it put a spotlight on how truth-seekers like Ressa have stood their ground in the face […]

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Activism as cure to information disorder

Saturday, December 4th, 2021

Published by Bulatlat When the Dolomite beach scandal trended online, there was speculation that authorities deliberately planned it to distract public attention from the bigger PhilHealth corruption mess. It is plausible given our history of government manipulation of public opinion for insidious ends. But if this was the work of a fixer, he or she […]

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