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Part 1: SONA 1946 – 1953

This was the time when the number of carabaos and labor unions in the country were still being reported in the president’s state of the nation address. Magsaysay announced in 1956 the malaria will be eradicated in three years. He proposed the creation of a Department of Interior in 1957. Oil was discovered in Cebu in 1959. The Philippines acquired an atomic reactor in 1960. Garcia declared in 1961 that the age of cement roads has come to the Philippines.

1954 Ramon Magsaysay

“Communist imperialism still threatens us from without and from within”

We must, therefore, move to strengthen our defenses. It is clearly in the national interest that we meet with the representatives of the United States Government to settle pending legal questions so that the bases we have granted to that country can be immediately developed and fully activated.”

“We will continue our policy of “all-out friendship and all-out force.” (directed to rebels)

“I propose the manufacture of prefabricated buildings in plants located in strategic places, from which buildings can be transported to the remotest barrios, where they will be installed with the help of the people themselves.”

January 24, 1955

“We note that during the past year, the number of our carabaos rose to 2.7 million…Because of this increase and the ban on their slaughter, the price of carabaos has gone down considerably, making it easier for the poor farmers to acquire them.”

“The number of workers organized into labor unions nearly doubled during the past year. This means that labor has improved its collective bargaining position for better wages and working conditions.”

January 23, 1956

“The complete eradication of malaria within the next three years is now within sight.”

“Instead of English, the local dialects are now being used in the first two years of the elementary grades.”

“As a beginning, mathematics and physics should again be taught as compulsory subjects in the high schools.”

January 28, 1957

“Such items as wearing apparel, footwear, cigarettes, school and office supplies, building and electrical materials, tires, and certain food products – all of which we used to import, are now being supplied from Philippine manufactures.”

“In order to enable us to pay closer attention to the needs of local governments, I recommend the restoration of the Department of Interior.”

January 27, 1958 Carlos P Garcia

“With American assistance, and within the limits of our resources, we are beginning to streamline our military equipment and organization in conformity with the expected new requirements of warfare in this atomic-missile age.”

“…the maximum size of classes has been reduced from 60 to 40 pupils. The vernacular is now being used as a medium of instruction in the first two years of the primary grades.”

“The law requiring the reforesting of areas subjected to lumber operation has not worked in practice, resulting in denuded forests and consequent disastrous floods and droughts.”

“I would like to restate solemnly my stand in favor of world disarmament. We shall support in every possible and reasonable way all sincere efforts towards world disarmament.”

January 26, 1959

“Whereas there were no rural banks in 1949, there are now 120 of them distributed throughout the country”

“Character education and optional religious instruction have been intensified as a way of counteracting juvenile delinquency.”

“Graft and corruption, I say, is not a political question but a national problem.”

“I recommend that senator be elected on the basis of specific senatorial districts…extending 8-year terms to its members, one-half of whom will be chosen by the electorate every quadrinnial election”

January 25, 1960

“The nation was thrilled by the discovery of oil in Cebu which, together with steel, will give revolutionary impetus to our agro-industrial economy.”

“We launched the first ship built by Filipino naval architects and engineers which established once and for all our capacity in this field.”

“We have just laid the cornerstone of a Nuclear Center made possible by the US granting us an atomic reactor.”

“Politically we became independent since 1946, but economically we are still semi-colonial.”

“During the past year, I have consistently advocated the dispersal of industries to the provinces to halt the dangerous tendency of overcrowded population in cities and to stop inflation of monetary circulation in Manila and suburbs while there is scarcity of money in the provinces.”

“Some Virginia tobacco lands in the Ilocos provinces, in the face of a soaring tobacco surplus, may be shifted to cotton production needed by our expanding textile mills”

I announced my plan to proclaim 1961 a “See the Philippines – Visit the Orient Year.” (tourism program)

“The expansion of our railway lines to Cagayan and Sorsogon has been started by the conduct of preparatory bidding by the Manila Railroad Company. Last June the Baliuag-Gapan section of the Cabanatuan Line was completed.”

“The port of Manila must have the modern port facilities to make it the biggest in the Far East.”

January 23, 1961

“…has made it possible for us as a nation to attain new summits in our unending Odyssey in the highway of progress and development.”

“I recommend the establishment of a Deep-Sea Fishing administration for the purpose of encouraging, coordinating, and assisting the development by the private sector of deep-sea fishing.”

“For a better implementation of our program of planting trees on denuded watersheds, grasslands, and marginal lands, the Reforestation Administration has been established.”

“The age of cement roads has come to the Philippines.”

“Private schools continue to play an important role in education. They accommodate 60 percent of the secondary students and 90 percent of those on the college and graduate levels.”

“We cannot act on the basis of generalities or on gossips peddled by ‘ugly wagging tongues’

“It is unfortunate that society only condemns the bribe taker and even idolizes the wealthy temper.”

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