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My first five years as a full-time activist

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

Published by Bulatlat I joined the Center for Nationalist Studies in 1997, became an active member of STAND UP in 1998, and declared my commitment to be a full-time activist after graduation in 2000. I enrolled for a master’s degree but decided to discontinue pursuing this during the ‘Oust Estrada’ campaign. As a full-time activist, […]

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Activism After College

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

Published by Squeeze For many student activists, the ‘long march’ encounters a fateful challenge immediately after the graduation march. This is when youthful idealism is tested by mainstream ideologies which many equate with realism. The lifelong commitment to fight for social justice is suddenly put on hold. Will he resume his role in the struggle […]

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Should we celebrate adulting?

Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Written for Bulatlat Adulting is commonly understood as an act of taking a new and bigger responsibility in life. It also refers to a millennial who defied expectations by suddenly performing an important task in the household or community. In many ways, it is being self-aware and responsible at the same time with 21st-century characteristics. […]

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On becoming a full-time activist

Friday, February 1st, 2019

Published by Bulatlat Beyond the instagrammable image of a fierce-looking activist with a clenched fist is someone rationalizing and constantly reaffirming his fidelity to radical politics. Activists are stereotyped as dogmatic simpletons who derive a perverse pleasure in organizing rallies. While it is true that public participation in a collective exercise is indeed a thrilling […]

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Published by Manila Today Sports and wellness centers are booming in many places. It’s already hip to hit the gym after work, invest in commodities affirming metrosexuality, and allot more time to boost self-confidence and inner peace. From Manila to Mumbai and Montreal to Madrid, urban centers are seeing the rise of a visible segment […]

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Graduation speech, STI Meycauayan, Bulacan. Published by Bulatlat Isa pong malaking karangalan ang mapiling tagapagsalita ngayong araw na ito. Ispesyal at di malilimutan ang pagtitipong ito. Para sa mga mag-aaral, lubos ang kasiyahan dahil natapos din natin ang kolehiyo sa kabila ng maraming pinagdaanang pagsubok, hindi po ba? Para sa mga magulang, walang papantay sa […]

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Published by Bulatlat A week before the global celebration of Human Rights Day in 2016, various people’s organizations in the Philippines conducted a solidarity fasting campaign to press for the release of 400 political prisoners. In response, a government peace negotiator described the action as counterproductive and that it is putting undue pressure to President […]

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Tribute to parents of activists

Sunday, January 1st, 2017

Published by Bulatlat The untold first mission of many activists does not involve the smashing of the bourgeois state or the ‘bombarding of the headquarters’ of the repressive government; their first instinct is to go home and confess their political conversion to their parents or guardians. It is a delicate and difficult duty. Delicate because […]

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Published by Bulatlat There are competing conceptions of the good life, but mainstream institutions bombard us with the dangerous ideology that the only way to achieve happiness and success is to acquire material possessions or gain fame in society. In schools and workplaces, we are told to get ahead of others or else we become […]

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OMG I Married an Activist

Monday, October 10th, 2016

Published by Manila Today What the title really means is “Oh my Gabriela I married an activist.” No, I didn’t marry a person named Gabriela but my wife is a member of the Gabriela women’s group. To my non-Filipino friends, Gabriela is an activist group known for its uncompromising, über defense of women’s rights. Its […]

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