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Published by Bayan Metro Manila

We are not surprised that President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Terror Bill into law.
He is the same leader who brutalized communities with Tokhang, Martial Law in Mindanao, and all-out-war against the communist movement.

He is remorseless for the widespread human rights abuses under his watch. He is intolerant of dissent. He is afraid of rising public anger over the health crisis and the economic recession. His only solution is to spread fear and deter citizens from expressing their sentiments.

Duterte thinks he can survive the remaining two years of his term by signing the Terror Law. He underestimates the people’s outrage.

The rise of a broad opposition in the past month against the draconian bill spells doom for the repressive Duterte government. It reflects growing frustration over Duterte’s leadership, his indifference to the plight of ordinary citizens, his militarist approach in dealing with the pandemic, and his pro-business bias in responding to the recession.

We are ready to level up the resistance as we link arms with all Filipinos who are already exasperated with the fascist and callous Duterte government.

We will also not forget the legislators who voted in favor of the Terror Bill. They are complicit in legitimizing Duterte’s authoritarian regime. They will get their comeuppance come election time. Their names will be shamed for giving this government Martial Law powers in the guise of combatting terrorism.

We challenge the legislators who rejected the bill to join the people in calling for the junking of the law. Stand with the protesters and defend the right to free expression.

We ask our local leaders to be more critical instead of blindly enforcing Duterte’s anti-people policies and programs.

The fight is not over even after the signing of the Terror Law. There are court battles to win, legislators who must be made accountable, human rights violators who must face trial, Palace apologists and cohorts spreading disinformation who need to be exposed, plunderers and fascists who must be punished, and Duterte, the monster-in-chief, who deserves to be ousted for his crimes against the people. The people will prevail. Laban!

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