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Published by The Diplomat

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. will mark his first month as president of the Philippines on July 30. If his performance in the past month has been a glimpse of his leadership for the next six years, we can assume that his presidency will be substantially similar to that of his predecessor. Marcos is poised to continue the legacy of Rodrigo Duterte, minus the cursing and ranting when talking in public.

Among the first cabinet appointments made by Marcos were economists who also worked under the Duterte government. It is no surprise, therefore, that his economic platform, which he finally unveiled during his state of the nation address last week, made numerous references to the development plan of the previous government. He may be trying to assure local and foreign investors that he will not impose drastic changes when it comes to policies dealing with the business sector.

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Arrests and Censorship Mark Rodrigo Duterte’s Final Month in Power

Published by The Diplomat

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been actively meeting supporters and unveiling infrastructure projects ahead of the end of his term on June 30. But his government also continued to clamp down on critics and activists, reflecting the strongman tactics of his controversial six-year presidency.

While Cabinet members have been reminding the people of Duterte’s legacy, the police and other members of the government’s security cluster seemed intent on further shrinking the country’s civic space.

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