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@mongster is a Manila-based activist, former Philippine legislator, and blogger/analyst of Asia-Pacific affairs.

July 2022: “Lethal force behind a veil of legality”: Executions, repressive media laws, and protests across Asia. Attacks against the media did not stop even after a change in government in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the Philippines. Meanwhile, the junta in Myanmar has resorted to executing anti-coup activists.

August 2022: Women’s rights crisis in Afghanistan, love triumphs over fear in Singapore, and more. The Taliban’s extreme policies over the past year have severely undermined the rights of women in Afghanistan, the military continues to attack journalists in Pakistan, and a “significant milestone” in Singapore after the government announces it will repeal an archaic law criminalizing gay sex.

September 2022: Crimes against humanity in Xinjiang, Martial Law commemoration in the Philippines, and flooding crisis in Pakistan. Widespread atrocities in Xinjiang confirmed in UN report, Hong Kong’s press freedom index continues to slide, Martial Law’s negative impact on media freedom and democracy in the Philippines endures, and the devastating floods that displaced millions in Pakistan underscore the need for global climate action and the protection of public access to life-saving information.

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