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Written for The Diplomat

An opposition lawmaker has filed a criminal complaint against former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for making “grave threats” against some members of Congress on his TV show.

A day after the House of Representatives confirmed the removal of the confidential funds of Vice President Sara Duterte, the former president, her father, lambasted lawmakers and singled out House Deputy Minority Leader and Act Teachers Party-list Representative France Castro as among those who exposed the questionable items in the government’s budget bill.

Castro’s complaint is significant because it could embolden other opposition figures to file separate complaints or revive previous cases against the former president to demand accountability. More importantly, it serves as a timely reminder to other public officials and their supporters to refrain from incitement and the spreading of online hate speech against critics of government policies and abuse of power.

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Duterte Makes Another Threat After Receiving Subpoena

Written for The Diplomat

A Quezon City prosecutor has issued a subpoena against former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is facing a criminal complaint filed by ACT Teachers Partylist Representative France Castro.

If Duterte’s recent TV show is a gauge of his legal tactics, it seems he is unfazed by the summons as he continued to attack Castro and other leftist lawmakers. His former spokesperson also belittled the complaint and pointed out that Duterte is not capable of killing anyone because of his old age and existing political conditions.

The criminal complaint and the release of De Lima from detention have reinvigorated the clamor for justice, which could inspire other members of the opposition to demand accountability from Duterte and other high-ranking officials of his administration.

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