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@mongster is a Manila-based activist, former Philippine legislator, and blogger/analyst of Asia-Pacific affairs.

Written for The Diplomat When the Philippine government’s solicitor general filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to forfeit the franchise of ABS-CBN, the country’s leading broadcaster, the development attracted international headlines. As it should: While Duterte’s efforts to undermine press freedom are longstanding, this is the most serious threat to press freedom since he […]

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Why we should celebrate Edsa Dos

Sunday, March 8th, 2015

Written for Bulatlat Was Edsa Dos a coup, power grab, or an uprising? Was it a farce? It may be all of the above but it’s a political event worth celebrating. Why should we allow the Arroyos, Estradas, Aquinos, and the Catholic bishops to dominate the discussion about what Edsa Dos meant to our country’s […]

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Written for The Diplomat The first surprise came when the U.S.-based Appeal of Conscience Foundation (ACF) decided to give Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (aka SBY) the World Statesman Award for promoting religious freedom in his country. The second surprise was when SBY accepted it two weeks ago. For a group guided by the belief […]

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Si JV at ang marahas na demolisyon sa San Juan

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

1. Eto ang sinulat ni JV Ejercito sa kanyang Facebook hinggil sa naganap na demolisyon sa Barangay Corazon de Jesus sa siyudad ng San Juan: “Ang may kasalanan sa kaguluhan kanina sa Corazon ay ang mga militanteng grupo na angbintensyon talaga ay manggulo. Nang simula ay nang udyok, nanggatong at ginalit ang mga maralita sa […]

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