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@mongster is a Manila-based activist, former Philippine legislator, and blogger/analyst of Asia-Pacific affairs.

Published by Manila Today Is the ‘Greater Capital Region’ (GCR) the new National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines? This geopolitical category refers to Metro Manila, Southern Tagalog, and Central Luzon. Though it has yet to be officially acknowledged in the bureaucracy, some development planning institutions are already using the term GCR in their feasibility […]

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Published by Manila Today Distinguishing the public from private spaces in Metro Manila is quite confusing. Consider these examples: Balintawak Market is privately-owned yet we consider it a public market. In fact, Metro Manila’s biggest city has only one government-owned and managed market. Jeepneys and FX taxis (or now more popularly known as UV Express) […]

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Will ASEAN Countries Move Their Capitals?

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Written for The Diplomat If things fall apart and the center cannot hold, will anarchy be unleashed upon the world, as the poet William Butler Yeats famously wrote? Maybe. But there is a less chaotic alternative: Move the center. Several Southeast Asian governments have seriously contemplated the idea of relocating their respective political centers for […]

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